Grantmaking Philosophy

Coming Together for Community

Our Vision

Palm Healthcare Foundation strives to bring people together to create ways for inspired giving and thoughtful funding to generate lasting change for our community's most complex healthcare challenges. We pursue this vision by convening stakeholders, listening carefully to their needs and ideas, engaging passionate philanthropists to give support, and providing funding to generate change.

Our Mission

To inspire and fund solutions to improve health in Palm Beach County.

About Palm Healthcare Foundation:

Palm Healthcare Foundation was created in July 2001, as the successor to the Good Samaritan Medical Center and St. Mary's Hospital Foundations - supporting organizations of Palm Beach County's two largest not-for-profit medical centers at that time. When the sale of Good Samaritan and St. Mary's Medical Centers was fulfilled, the foundations transformed into an independent, self-sustaining community healthcare foundation.

The founding trustees recognized the historic interests and concerns of decades of benefactors, whose generosity built the foundation's asset base. Agreeing that those interests must form the underpinning of the new work, priorities were established around the substantial funds for healthcare education, especially around the profession of nursing, and quality of care and health resources for all, particularly for the most vulnerable groups in our community.

During the economic downturn of 2008, foundation trustees discussed ways to optimize funding to address the most important health issues in Palm Beach County. The foundation convened several meetings of community experts to help it achieve greater focus. As a result, the foundation's grantmaking priorities became diabetes prevention and management, nursing advancement, family caregiving and behavioral health.

In 2013, Palm Healthcare Foundation's trustees evolved the foundation's grantmaking approach, once again, by launching its community-driven Healthier Together initiative. In step with the foundation's health priorities, this long-term, place-based funding approach is designed to solve complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Palm Healthcare Foundation trustees have learned that by working with others, we can multiply the collective impact of our resources for the common good. Collaborating with other funders; local state and federal governmental agencies; public healthcare providers; schools and universities; faith-based organizations and the social services network, Palm Healthcare Foundation continues to leverage its financial and human resources to maximize benefits to the community.

2015...Our work today addresses chronic health conditions, strengthens neighborhoods to find solutions to those health issues, prepares nurses to work in neighborhoods and seeks to bring health innovations to Palm Beach County.

We are all healthier together.

Palm Healthcare Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.  The Foundation’s grantmaking is primarily proactive in nature. In other words, a large majority of our grants are awarded to partners solicited by the Foundation   Significant grant dollars are allocated to our community engagement work through our Healthier Together initiative and related projects.  In all of our work, our strategic priorities are: Diabetes Prevention and ManagementNursing AdvancementFamily Caregiving and Behavioral Health.

If you have been asked to submit a proposal, please review this section to help you shape your program concept to match our goals and priorities.  It describes the kinds of projects we do and do not fund and tells you how to proceed.

What We Fund (Partnership, leverage and systemic approaches are key components of successful proposals)

  • Collaborative Projects (links systems of care, care coordination, builds community collaboration)
  • Capacity Building Grants ( that improve leverage as it relates to system of care)
  • Program Support (programs that eliminates barriers, increases access or quality of care to underserved)
  • General Operating Support (funding is very limited, for general operating, typically through donor-advised funds)
  • Matching Support
  • Pilot Projects and Seed Money (as it relates to enhancing the system of care delivery)
  • Capital Projects (funding is very limited, for capital projects, typically through donor-advised funds)

What We Do Not Fund

  • Projects that fall outside the mission
  • Projects that fall outside the funding priorities
  • Direct support to individuals
  • Support for lobbying activities


  • Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as defined under Section 501(c)3, Section 115 and Section 170(c) of the U.S. IRS Code.
  • Organizations that are located in or provide programs or services to Palm Beach County, Florida, residents.

Grants Schedule 

The foundation accepts solicited applications at any time throughout the year. However, proposals are only reviewed periodically. Below is the current schedule for proposal review and the corresponding application deadlines:

Application Deadline:  

August 31, 2016

November 14, 2016

March 27, 2017

May 29, 2017

August 28, 2017

November 13, 2017

Review Date:

September 21, 2016

December 7, 2016  

April 26, 2017

June 28,2017

September 27, 2017

December 13, 201


Please note: The application process is a three-step process, requiring a discussion with a PHF program department staff member as the first step. You may then be asked to submit of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) as the second step. LOIs are received and reviewed on an ongoing basis. If your LOI is approved to move forward in the application process, you will be invited to submit a full proposal. THE DEADLINES ABOVE APPLY TO RECEIPT OF A FULL PROPOSAL.

Size of Grants
The foundation does not pre-determine funding level. Grants can range from a few hundred to more than $100,000. Applicants should request the amount that meets the needs of the program at a level that is consistent with the organization's capacity and other anticipated support.

For a list of recent grants made from Palm Healthcare Foundation, please review our Recent Grants page.

Duration of Grants
Generally, grants are made for one or two years, although they may be longer (given program priorities). Unless specifically notified differently by the foundation, applicants may apply for continued support of a previously funded project.

Chances for Funding
The examination of each solicited proposal begins by looking at the alignment of the proposed project to the foundation's mission, the scope of collaboration, the level of the impact on the community's health and the program's long-term sustainability. The projects that are ultimately funded are those that best address these expectations.

Please click here for additional information on the grant process as well as sample grant documents. If you have questions or need additional information as you work on your solicited grant application, please contact Abigail Goodwin by email or (561) 837-2275 to assist you.