Grantmaking Philosophy


June 2014

Dear Community Partner:

We are pleased to introduce Palm Healthcare Foundation’s newest strategic initiative,  Healthier Together. With an ever-changing healthcare landscape and disparity in the quality of health across communities, the foundation is continually evolving its efforts to respond to our community’s most pressing health needs. As always, we strive to bring people together to find ways for inspired giving and thoughtful funding to generate lasting change.
Today, we launch our community-driven Healthier Together initiative: a multi-year, place-based funding approach to solving the community’s most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood. With the introduction of Healthier Together, we seek to maximize impact by allocating $1 million each to six selected neighborhoods over the next five to seven years for collaborative health-related projects within the foundation’s priority areas: diabetes prevention and management, family caregiving and behavioral health.
The success of Healthier Together will be driven by teams of key community leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, civic associations, schools, faith communities, healthcare providers and residents who develop shared visions, common goals and action plans to address these critical health issues. We believe that when everyone works together as a team, our mission of improving the health and well-being of every single member of our community can be realized.
As we launch this initiative, we will shift dollars traditionally allocated to the foundation’s
responsive grant-making program to these neighborhood projects with the goals of improving the health of each neighborhood’s residents and building capacity within communities to tackle other issues. The foundation will continue to partner with other organizations to strengthen the healthcare system, as well as fund programs county-wide.
We will continue to support, and even grow, our nursing advancement work with a special focus on community-based care that will enhance our Healthier Together work.
The trustees and staff of Palm Healthcare Foundation invite you to read the accompanying pages to learn more about the Healthier Together initiative and how we can make an impact together. Next month, you can find more information about Healthier Together at I am looking forward to working with you to build a healthier community.
Andrea Bradley, J.D., President and CEO
Palm Healthcare Foundation



As the leading public healthcare foundation in Palm Beach County, Palm Healthcare Foundation is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of every resident of Palm Beach County. Since 2001, the foundation has donated nearly $58 million to organizations serving the healthcare needs of our community. In recent years, the foundation’s work has been focused around the critical issues of diabetes prevention and management, nursing advancement, family caregiving and behavioral health, and has made significant advances in those causes.
In 2013, Palm Healthcare Foundation’s trustees evolved the foundation’s grantmaking approach by launching its community-driven Healthier Together initiative. Healthier Together is a long-term, place-based funding approach designed to solve the community’s most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood. In the past year, Palm Healthcare Foundation has been convening leaders and residents in six
neighborhoods, listening carefully to their needs and identifying ways to support the communities with funding and other resources. The six initial neighborhoods (the Glades, Riviera Beach/NW West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and Jupiter) were selected because of their health outcomes and data, evidence of their readiness to address key health issues and alignment with the foundation’s priorities.
Beginning in July 2014 and continuing for the next five to seven years, Palm Healthcare
Foundation will collaborate with local leaders and residents in these neighborhoods to develop shared visions and common goals. Each community will receive grant funding for capacity building, infrastructure, programming and services as needed. Successes and best practices from these neighborhoods can be shared with additional communities over time. Working hand-in-hand with community members, the foundation ultimately aims to help change the long term health outcomes of the residents, as well as build sustainability and capacity for the neighborhoods to solve other problems in the future.

As with any long term initiative, an evaluation framework and a commitment to learning is critical. Palm Healthcare Foundation has engaged an evaluation consultant to guide the work of data collection, measurement and continuous improvement. Each community will determine its own specific outcomes with neighborhood stakeholders leading the initiative and committing to shared, measurable results to ensure that the work is on the path to success.

Although we are shifting from a responsive grantmaking strategy, we will still accept new proposals on a limited basis.  If you have not already talked with program staff about the project for which you are sekking a Palm Healthcare Foundation grant, you are strongly encouraged to do so prior to completing the application.    Please see contact information at the bottom of this page.  

Our responsive grantmaking priorities are: Diabetes Prevention and Management, Nursing Advancement, Family Caregiving and Behavioral Health.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please review this section to help you determine whether your project concept is a good match with our goals and priorities. It describes the kinds of projects we do and do not fund and tells you how to apply. 

What We Fund

  • Collaborative Projects
  • Capacity Building Grants
  • Program Support
  • General Operating Support
  • Matching Support
  • Pilot Projects and Seed Money
  • Capital Projects (funding is very limited for capital projects, typically only through donor-advised funds)

What We Do Not Fund

  • Projects that fall outside the Mission
  • Projects that fall outside the Funding Priorities
  • Direct support to individuals
  • Support for lobbying activities 


  • Tax-exempt, non-profit organizations as defined under Section 501(c)3, Section 115 and Section 170(c) of the U.S. IRS Code.
  • Organizations that are  located in or provide programs or services to Palm Beach County, Florida, residents 

Grants Schedule
The Foundation accepts applications at any time throughout the year.  However, proposals are only reviewed periodically.   Below is the current schedule for proposal review and the corresponding application deadlines.

Application Deadline:                                                         Review Date:

September 2, 2014                                                             September 24, 2014

November 24, 2014                                                            December 17, 2014

Please note:  The application process is a two-step process, requiring the submission of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) as the first step. LOIs are received and reviewed on an ongoing basis.  If your LOI is approved to move forward in the application process, you will be invited to submit a Full Proposal.  THE DEADLINES ABOVE APPLY TO RECEIPT OF A FULL PROPOSAL.

Size of Grants
The Foundation does not pre-determine funding level. Grants can range from a few hundred to more than $100,000.  Applicants should request the amount that meets the needs of the program at a level that is consistent with the organization's capacity and other anticipated support. 

Duration of Grants
Generally, grants are made for one or two years, although they may be longer (given program priorities).  Unless specifically notified differently by the Foundation, applicants may apply for continued support of a previously funded project.

Chances for Funding
The Foundation receives numerous proposals throughout the year.  Even though a proposal may fit the Foundation's Mission and Funding Priorities, it may not be funded due to the volume of applications and limited resources. Although, staff does not send a written critique for declined proposals, they will offer feedback upon request.

The examination of each proposal begins by looking at the alignment of the proposed project to the Foundation's Mission, the scope of collaboration, the level of the impact on the community's health and the program's long term sustainability. The projects that are ultimately funded are those that best address these expectations.

Palm Healthcare Foundation recognizes the considerable time and effort that goes into preparing a grant application and wants to help you avoid unnecessary work. Communication with the program staff is an important part of the grant application and review process.

If you have not already talked with program staff about the project for which you are seeking a Palm Healthcare Foundation grant, you are strongly encouraged to do so prior to completing the application. If you have questions or need additional information as you work on your grant application, please contact the Grants Department to assist you.

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