Who We Are

Our Vision:

Palm Healthcare Foundation, Inc. strives to bring people together to create ways of inspired giving and thoughtful funding to generate lasting change for our community's most complex healthcare challenges. We pursue this vision by convening stakeholders, listening carefully to their needs and ideas, engaging passionate philanthropists to give support, and providing funding to generate change. The foundation has invested more than $70 million to support more than 100 local organizations. 

Our Mission:

To inspire and fund solutions to improve health in Palm Beach County.

The Purpose of Our Work:

  • Address chronic health conditions
  • Strengthen neighborhoods to find solutions to those health conditions
  • Prepare nurses to work in neighborhoods
  • Seek to bring health innovations to Palm Beach County

Our Values: 

Integrity...we approach our work with openness and respect for all people and ideas.

Humility...we are mindful that our purpose is to serve the community and that the gifts and talents of others contribute to our success.

Courage...we do not shrink from controversy in our investment in the good health of our community.

Diversity...we honor the differences that make our community unique. 

Collaboration...we believe in the compounding effect of people working together toward a common goal. 

Our Work:

When everyone works together as a team, our vision of improving the health and well-being of every member of our community can be realized. 


Important Health Priorities


To identify and understand our community's most pressing health challenges and fund solutions to address them 

Program Areas: 

  • Diabetes prevention and management
  • Behavioral health
  • Family caregiving


Healthier Together


To help neighborhood stakeholders set and achieve common goals that target the root causes of health challenges in neighborhoods 

Program Areas: 

  • Healthier Delray Beach
  • Healthier Jupiter
  • Healthier Boynton Beach
  • Healthier Neighbors (Riviera Beach/Northern West Palm Beach)
  • Lake Worth
  • The Glades


Nursing Advancement 


To ensure Palm Beach County has a highly skilled nursing workforce that provides care across all settings and supports optimal health in the community

Program Areas: 

  • Care transitions and care coordination
  • Community-based nursing
  • Scholarships and continuing education/professional development 


Special Projects


To partner with community stakeholders to enhance the system of healthcare delivery in Palm Beach County

Program Areas: 

  • County-wide, systemic change 
  • Innovative pilot projects
  • Capacity-building 



  1. Built the $10 million Palm Healthcare Pavilion to support families with chronic health conditions in a family-centered, welcoming environment.
  2. Continued a tradition of assistance to the most needy and vulnerable in our population with a $7 million investment to prop up safety net clinics and programs.
  3. Awarded more than 1 million scholarship dollars to local students who attend nursing school in Palm Beach County and agree to work in our county after graduation.
  4. Funded over $1 million in ovarian cancer research to develop breakthrough therapies.
  5. Spearheaded the establishment of the first nurse-managed diabetes clinic in Florida and invested $3.5 million in diabetes education, prevention and management programs in Palm Beach County.
  6. Committed $2.5 million to support Palm Beach County family caregivers who are part of the 65 million Americans who provide care for the chronically ill or disabled.
  7. Invested $700,000 in behavioral healthcare with a focus on integrating mental health and primary health care.
  8. Served as the catalyst to bring together hospital chief nursing officers on a regular basis to share ideas and address critical community health challenges.
  9. Launched the award-winning Healthcare Emergency Response Coalition, a model for disaster preparation for the entire country, with the foundation's first grant to $250,000 in 2001.
  10. Celebrated the achievements of ten of our county’s brightest and most dedicated nurses as Palm Healthcare Foundation Nurses of the Year.