Healthier Together is a long-term, place-based funding approach designed to solve the community's most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood.

“When a team of community leaders and residents develops a
shared vision and common goals to address a critical health issue and
everyone helps carry out the plan, the entire neighborhood grows
stronger, greater and healthier together.”
— Mark Cook, Chair
Palm Healthcare Foundation


Background & Goals

In 2013, building on the strong history of working alongside communities and neighborhoods and with a commitment to community engagement, collaboration and inclusion, Palm Healthcare Foundation’s trustees evolved the foundation’s grantmaking approach by launching its community-driven Healthier Together initiative. Over a five year period, the foundation will invest $1 million in each of the 6 selected communities to make lasting, sustainable impact around some of the most complex health-related issues affecting residents. Using a collective impact model, the foundation’s strategic shift emphasizes the partnership between the communities and the foundation as the two work hand in hand to build organizational and individual capacities, infrastructure, programming and services.

Palm Healthcare Foundation’s three priority areas for Healthier Together are diabetes prevention and management, behavioral health and family caregiving.

Goals of the 5 - 7 year place-based initiative:

  1. To help change long term health outcomes of the residents in Palm Beach County
  2. To increase capacity among individuals, organizations and systems to impact lasting and sustainable change related to health and well-being
  3. To establish a learning framework to evaluate the overall impact of the Healthier Together initiative as well as the impact at the community level

Data informed decision-making

The Healthier Together initiative is a data informed and iterative process. The Healthier Together website functions as a window into these communities and the activities taking place within the 5-7 year project. Progress throughout the course of this initiative and among each of the selected communities, will be documented throughout this website through mappingdigital storiescommunity specific activities, the learning center where special interest groups engage and impact reports.


Selection of the six communities was a data informed process which highlighted concentrated areas throughout Palm Beach County with low health indicators, gaps in services and high risk factors impacting residents’ ability to live healthy lives (see mapping). A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted engaging various community leaders, influencers and stakeholders in the communities where health indicators revealed a need. Through this engagement process, neighborhood narratives began to emerge and shape the foundation’s understanding of the natural assets and the history of collaboration and collective action as well as the unique contexts shaping each community.

Selection of the target issue (one of Palm Healthcare Foundation’s three focus areas) is a determination made by each community, and will be the focus of the 5-7 year project.


Palm Healthcare Foundation is committed to the process of evaluation for the Healthier Together initiative. Grounding the evaluative process is the initiative’s Theory of Action, which emphasizes learning at all levels of this process – from the foundation’s overall assessment of the initiative to the capacity-building and collective action activities at the community level to the programs’ ability to target and make positive health changes. Part of Palm Healthcare Foundation’s commitment to this effort is communities receive support and technical assistance around evaluation and measures from the very beginning of this process. Each community will determine its own specific outcomes with neighborhood stakeholders leading the initiative and committing to shared, measurable results to ensure that the work is on the path to success.

Get Involved

Palm Healthcare Foundation invites strong engagement throughout the Healthier Together initiative.

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As with any long term initiative, an evaluation framework and a commitment to learning is critical. Palm Healthcare Foundation has engaged an evaluation consultant to guide the work of data collection, measurement and continuous improvement. Each community will determine its own specific outcomes with neighborhood stakeholders leading the initiative and committing to shared, measurable results to ensure that the work is on the path to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthier Together Fact Sheet

Palm Healthcare Foundation’s community-driven Healthier Together initiative is a multi-year, place-based funding commitment that strives to improve the quality of life in selected neighborhoods. Rather than treating symptoms alone, our approach to solving complex healthcare problems is to target the root causes by collaborating with community leaders and residents to generate change from the inside out. Funding may include grants for capacity building, infrastructure and neighborhood programming all aimed at improving health outcomes and strengthening the community’s ability to create change.

Palm Healthcare Foundation believes that neighborhood work is community-driven, collaborative, engaging and inclusive. By planting deep roots and working hand-in-hand with key leaders and neighborhood residents from all parts of a community toward a common goal, everyone in a community can live better, healthier and more enjoyable lives together.

Six initial neighborhoods were selected according to current health statistics and data, readiness to work together and commitment to solving measurable health outcomes that fall within Palm Healthcare Foundation’s priorities.

By becoming a part of Healthier Together, selected neighborhoods will have access to:

  • Capacity building grants
  • Multi-year grants of up to $200,000 per year for five (5) to seven (7) years
  • Linkage to other funders
  • Connection to other communities in order to share ideas and best practices
  • Participation in the foundation’s community-wide campaigns and initiatives

The foundation commits to:

  • Stay involved, support the work and be a partner for at least five years
  • Promote best practices
  • Learn from each neighborhood and change what we do because of those lessons
  • Help build sustainability and generate lasting change
  • Bring resources, funding and connections to other funders
  • Provide funding for infrastructure, staffing, administration and data collection as well as programming and services

The selected neighborhoods commit to:

  • Address a key health issue that aligns with the foundation’s mission and priorities
  • Be willing to solve the health issue over the long haul
  • Build a reputation for working well together, learning and adapting
  • Have strong, credible organizations that will help implement and support the work, collect the data and report it to the community at large
  • Keep working toward mutually agreed upon goals/outcomes


  • Improved community health
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Stronger alliances
  • More pride in each neighborhood
  • Stronger process for community action and challenges
  • Better integration of diverse communities toward a common goal
  • Reputation as a leader in Palm Beach County


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