The Education-Practice Gap Committee of Palm Healthcare Foundation’s Healthcare Workforce Partnership, under the leadership of principal investigator Dr. Cynthia Blum from the FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, has developed a series of podcasts to serve as a supportive instructional resource to address preceptor-identified hallmarks of unsafe practice. The following resources, available as both video and audio files, were designed to prepare nurse preceptors to work more effectively with students and new graduates. Each of these short, 5-8 minute recordings represents a preceptor-identified area of unsafe nursing practice: attitude problems; the inability to demonstrate knowledge; unprofessional behavior; and poor communication.  Caring behaviors as constructive approaches to engage student and novice nurses are highlighted.

Click here to view a published article about the development of the podcasts in the online, peer-reviewed, open-access journal Nursing Research and Practice.

Video Podcasts

Click here to vew video podcasts such as:

  • Attitude Problems
  • Inability to Demonstrate Knowledge
  • Unprofessional Behavior
  • Poor Communication
  • Florida Atlantic University - Critical Thinking Video

Audio Podcasts