Palm Healthcare Pavilion - A Community Asset

Palm Healthcare Foundation, Inc. believes that when everyone works together, the health and well-being of every member of our community improves.  With the help of our generous donors, we built the Palm Healthcare Foundation Mollie Wilmot Pavilion located on the campus of St. Mary’s Hospital, a permanent community asset for health.

The foundation’s trustees envisioned the Pavilion as a place where healthcare professionals and families would come together to collaborate, foster healing, practice cutting edge care, and educate our most vulnerable population.  Today, the Pavilion empowers people to live beyond their diagnosis of diabetes, helps special needs children thrive, inspires caregiver confidence, and improves patient care.

This year we celebrated our 15th year as Palm Beach County’s leading public health foundation. 
The journey has been inspiring and impactful with each year building on the next.  We are proud to share a few of the highlights regarding the Pavilion’s impact in the community:

  • Collectively, nearly 50,000 children and their families have benefitted from services provided at the Palm Healthcare Pavilion;
  • The foundation provides free rent to several nonprofit healthcare providers: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Center for Child Counseling, Volunteer Nurse Corps, Boystown South Florida, and Florida Atlantic University’s Health Professionals Simulation Center;
  • 3,500 health professionals have received training at the FAU Simulation Center.

Palm Healthcare Foundation is proud of the impact Palm Healthcare Pavilion has had in bettering the health of Palm Beach County, and looks forward to continuing this good work. 

Visit this page to view all programs housed at the Pavilion and/or reserve use of available space. 

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