Meet Healthier Lake Worth's Project Director Carmelle Chapman

Carmelle Marcelin Chapman is a native of Haiti.  As a child, she moved to Montreal, Canada, with her parents.  After beginning her college education in Canada, her parents decided to move to Miami, Florida.  Carmelle went on to continue her education at the University of Miami, where she studied International Finance and Marketing, with extensive course-work in Languages.  She moved to Palm Beach County twenty-three years ago and has been serving the local communities, in various capacities, ever since.  She is fluent in French, Creole, Spanish, and English. 


Her own life and personal experiences as a single mother of four children for ten years taught her to navigate the ins and outs of community resources.  Her love for her children and her experiences in raising them enabled her to develop a unique and personal connection to others in similar situations and, ultimately, is what drew her to the Non-Profit arena and what drives her, every day, to advocate for others, with passion and empathy, and a desire to make a difference in their lives.


For the last seven years, Carmelle has worked for Community Partners, as the Director of BRIDGES of Lake Worth, a community place-based program developed by Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County to foster collaborative leadership partnerships, community engagement, and parental involvement to support a long-term vision of well-being for Lake Worth’s children and families. In the seven years prior to BRIDGES, Carmelle was with Planned Parenthood of South Florida as the Director of an evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention program in the Glades area.  


Carmelle has been able to achieve success in implementing community-based programs, by using strong communication skills and her ability to build trust, as she has developed strong, long-lasting relationships with community leaders, stakeholders, and Program Partners. She has also been able to leverage her language skills, her passion, and her willingness to listen, to develop a clear understanding of the often complex values and needs of diverse, multi-cultural communities, to foster community and family engagement, by involving them in decision-making and getting their “buy-in” to program goals.


Her positions to-date have provided her with numerous challenges and unique opportunities to address them through multi-sector collaboration.  She is excited to bring her extensive experience to her new position as Project Director of the Healthier Lake Worth Initiative.