Inspirational Words from Palm Healthcare Foundation Nursing Scholarship Recipients

Palm Healthcare Foundation has a long-standing tradition of honoring and uplifting the nursing profession. One way we do that is by offering nursing scholarships annually through George Snow Scholarship Fund. Since 2001, Palm Healthcare Foundation, with the help of generous donors, has awarded more than $2.8 million in nursing scholarships.

George Snow Scholarship Fund recently awarded this year’s scholarship recipients. Each deserving nursing student has committed to stay in Palm Beach County to serve our community upon graduation. Here are three of the recipients who shared their thoughts on what being a nurse means to them:

Scarlett Kuri
Palm Beach Atlantic University

"I have learned that being a nurse is not only about saving lives, but also about making sacrifices and taking care of people's major and minor needs. I want to finish my bachelor’s degree in nursing and, when I graduate, work for two or three years at Boca Raton Regional Hospital where I am currently a nurse assistant.  The greatest reward will always be knowing that I was able to take care of someone in what could possibly be the worst times of their life, and that I did it with a smile."


Rancine Williams
Florida Atlantic University

"Following the completion of the BSN degree I plan on working in Palm Beach County as a medical surgical nurse where I will build the ground work to fine tune my nursing knowledge and skills. The biggest challenges that I anticipate as a nurse is my large capacity to care will make it difficult to leave work at work. It will be hard for me not to take home the experience of dealing with patients and the eagerness to want to do more for them.  The greatest rewards will be becoming a source of advocacy and altruism to every patient. Being the voice to the voiceless, participating in the greatest and at times saddest moments of someone’s life and, hopefully, being a source of hope and light.  Walking with patients through the journey of sickness and recovery will be incredibly rewarding."

Christina Santa
Palm Beach State College

"In this moment, I would learn what nursing is.
It is not always textbooks.
It is not always medications.
It is not always rapid responses and codes.
It is not always saving lives.
It is not always documenting the past 12 hours.

Sometimes 'nursing' is simply taking upon yourself the emotions of another human being and learning how to love them wholeheartedly.  The greatest reward will be that of a patient leaving in a better condition than they arrived. To know that I played a role in the care of a human being, leaving a footprint on their life, however big or small, makes nursing worth it on the 'hard days'.  After all, nursing is a calling, not a choice."