Nursing Advancement


"Efforts are underway to rethink nursing education and training so that it meets the needs of an aging population with increasingly complex chronic diseases. The capacity of today's nursing workforce must be strengthened to meet growing demands to provide the skills nurses need as the healthcare delivery system continues to evolve towards more team-based, data-driven and coordinated care."

Ruth Schwarzkopf, RN, Nursing Chief Officer, West Boca Center; Palm Healthcare Foundation Trustee 

At Palm Healthcare Foundation, we are committed to supporting a highly skilled nursing workforce that provides care across all settings and supports optimal health in Palm Beach County.

Palm Healthcare Foundation's Nursing Strategy:

In the early years, the foundation's work focused on education and professional development to ensure quality nursing in Palm Beach County. Today, the foundation is exploring ways to best support nursing professionals, patients and family caregivers during transitions from hospitals to community-based and home settings, and for the long-term.

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Recent Grants:

  • George Snow Scholarship Fund

    George Snow Scholarship Fund's management of Palm Healthcare Foundation's nursing scholarships. 


    George Snow Scholarship Fund

    The B.J. and Paula Harris Fund added $10,000 to the foundation's scholarship contribution to George Snow Scholarship Fund for nursing scholarships.

    Support for this program through the generosity of the B.J. and Paula Harris Fund


    Palm Beach Atlantic University

    Funding supports the Volunteer Nurse Corps (VNC), an innovative program that helps residents in Palm Beach County who are struggling to care for themselves. The VNC is comprised of working, retired and student nurses who volunteer their time to connect our vulnerable neighbors to existing resources, provide follow-up to appointments, and educate and empower them to take charge of their health.


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