Nursing Advancement Advisory Board

For more than a decade, Palm Healthcare Foundation has worked to advance nursing in Palm Beach County. With the advent of health reform, many changes are being implemented that have a direct effect on the delivery of healthcare and those who deliver the care.

To address these care delivery changes, the foundation has convened a respected group of nursing professionals and clinical experts to form the Palm Healthcare Foundation Nursing Advancement Advisory Board with a goal of rethinking nursing education, training and healthcare delivery.

Ruth Schwarzkopf, RN, has stepped forward to lead this important initiative. In Palm Beach County, Ruth has been a driving force for more than 25 years, participating in many of the foundation's nursing efforts. As a champion for quality care delivery, she is always mindful of the perspective of patients, family caregivers and the healthcare team when addressing chronic health conditions and acute care.

 Mission Statement

The Nursing Advancement Advisory Board serves as a resource to Palm Beach County to ensure an adequate supply of highly educated and trained nurses and nursing  faculty, and to foster innovation in the study and practice of nursing.


The Nursing Advancement Advisory Board works to promote and strengthen the nursing profession for generations to come. It accomplishes its work through research, education, community and youth outreach, resource development and scholarships.


  • Caring
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Mentorship
  • Quality

 The Education-Practice Gap of the HWP

  • The goal of the Education-Practice Gap Committee is to align the expectations and preparation needs of nursing students, novice nurses, faculty and staff members as they relate to professional practice.  A key focus of the committee is its work to improve the precepting experiences and outcomes for students, novice nurses, preceptors, nursing programs and practice settings.
  • The Education-Practice Gap Committee has developed a website with a standardized orientation for students completing clinical rotations at Palm Beach County healthcare facilities. Click here to view the HealthCare Students S. Florida website.